Monday, May 23, 2011

"The Passion" takes the streets in Central America

Here are a few pictures I took of a religious procession in CR during Easter Week.  CR is a mainly catholic country, with each town built around a church (and a soccer field).  Nearly every town has its own religious processions during easter week, each varying in quality and realism.  The people who "play" Jesus take their roles very seriously and try their best to inherit his pain and suffering, actually dragging behind a real wooden cross and receiving multiple whippings and beatings from those who "play" Roman soldiers.  At the end, supposedly he is put up on the cross, but as these processions are hours long, I didn't have the patience to stay and see it through to the end.  Maybe next year :)
Take a look a the pictures and click on them if you would like to see them enlarged/in more detail.

  the beginning of the procession...

These kids were clearly bored

One of the thieves. Obviously the blood is fake, but I wouldn't be surprised if this man
found himself covered in bruises and scratches the following day.

There was an impressive group of drummers following the procession.  It sounded like a death march.

Jesus dragging his cross in the scorching sun for several hours

As I said, it was a good sized cross

Thats all, thanks for looking

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