Tuesday, October 20, 2015

lost in translation

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I woke up today, on the metaphorical wrong side of the bed, but then this catchphrase popped in my head:  
Tuesday: at least it's not Monday

Right right right, let's move past my incessant ramblings.  I'd like to share a musical collaboration I did before my move, with Tury Saldana.  All Instrumental writing/recording/post-production by him, with my added lyrics/vocals.  I decided to write the lyrics in Spanish, though as to why I did this, I'm not sure.  Maybe it was a last goodbye to the country I called home for four years, or maybe Spanish is just a better language for expressing what needs to be said.  It's funny how much gets lost in translation, and how much I struggle now to be able to say exactly what I want to say in English.  We have so many words, but somehow, I find myself fruitlessly grasping at them, searching for the words that won't betray my thoughts, but knowing they will somehow fall flat.  Part of the beauty of Spanish (and German) is that following basic rules, you can invent words, and people will understand the meaning behind them.  It's like a living, moving language.  English (or maybe just contemporary U.S. English) lacks this creativity, which I find sad, because I like the complexity of our vowel sounds and the lulling, so-called laziness of our consonants.  I guess you can't have everything!

Without much more rambling, I'll leave you with the collab.  It's a reflection on the tragedy of dementia, and the complications that it causes in love-rooted relationships.  Anyway, give it a listen, and download it for free, if you like!

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