Monday, September 16, 2013

eye candy (the importance of taking pleasure in natural beauty)

I found this delicious little creature on my fig tree.  My dog, in overenthusiastic jealousy, knocked it off with her tail, but it managed to fly over to another plant.  It's sort of like a giant ladybug, but without the spots and with a color much more vibrant.

I take enormous amounts of pleasure in looking at living things that have naturally bright or deep colors, so this was, what I would consider eye candy.  If you don't know how to break off moments out of your dreary day to take pleasure in the things around you, then I strongly encourage you to do so!  Go for a walk, and let yourself be filled with beauty.  If you live in a city, then go to a park, or for a drive.  This cookie cutter design of life that everyone expects us to lead is far too dull to be fulfilling or nourishing.  Nourish yourself.

look at that shade of red! 

preparing to take flight


  1. Wow, that IS beautiful! I've seen different kinds of "ladybug", usually with varying numbers of spots, and even a few yellow ones, but never a red one with NO spots at all. I wonder what it is?

  2. I could not agree with you more. Sometimes I just don't understand how people can miss the tiny little things that mean so much. Even if it's just something little your a family member does or the direction of the rain. It's small, but it's really important.

    Oh and that little beast is absolutely adorable. I commend your macro photography. I can never get a small image so steady!

  3. Lucretia, I have no idea what it is! I'm constantly finding insects and plants I've never encountered before, and we're in the central valley of costa rica, not even near any rainforests!

    Beautifully said, Sary Walrus. Paying attention when our minds are overflowing is so difficult, but yes, very important.