Sunday, July 7, 2013

I wonder what XXXX means...(modern goth bedroom furniture)

We had this bed and night tables custom made to fit our wants/needs.  As much I love victorian style furniture, I find that it looks tacky in a house that is not pompously oversized (even then, it tends to look pretentious).  For my own house, I prefer a more sleek, simple, and modern look.  This bed features carved out X's on the headboard and footboard.  We actually requested three X's, but somehow ended up with four, probably because of the bed size we ordered.  Did you know that there is a bed size in between queen and king?

We bought this bed with our honeymoon money, insisting that we would have our honeymoon at a later date.  As it turns out, when you're in love, every day, anywhere, is a honeymoon.  At least, that's what I tell myself to avert the attention away from my loathsome art of procrastination.

I wanted to keep the bedroom as simple as possible.  We have one black wall, three grey/blue walls (to create a relaxing atmosphere) and black heavy curtains to keep the room dark.  And what would a love den be without some tacky Ikea heart lights to set the mood?


  1. I like this VERY much, thanks for the idea! We have a gigantic California king waterbed frame; it's got drawers, cupboards and a mirror in the center. It's also looking very scratched and beat up. I never even thought about painting it, but yours looks so elegant that I think it might be worth the effort! :-)

    Okay, I give up... what IS the bed size between queen and king???

  2. I'm glad it inspired you! Sounds like a fun project. If it is real wood you could even sand away the scratches and use a light coat of black wood-stain to keep some of the natural wood patterns visible.

    The size between King and Queen is something like a queen plus. It's only about 10 cm bigger than a queen, but trust me it makes a world of difference. I'm beginning to wonder if it's just one of those quirky local things they do here (in Costa Rica)...