Monday, May 17, 2010


So today I was experiencing some internet difficulties, and being the idiot that I am, I pressed the "reset" button on the internet router.  I thought this would solve all my problems, but no, I ended up resetting everything, the password and yadayada.  I suppose my reasoning was "it works with Windows, so why not with everything else?" but of course I neglected to recall how terribly Windows is patched together.  Oh bother!  So naturally, being the stuck up computer geeks that they are, my brother and my dad started yelling at me for pressing the reset button.  I chastised them for making me feel like an incompetent child (or should I say No0b?).  Clearly, the chastising did nothing, because 5 minutes later I was berated for "obliterating" the whole system.  Oh, I "obliterated" it did I???  I'll show you obliterate!!!  And so I did.  Through a watercolor cartoon.

My boyfriend made his own rendition of "The Obliterator", as seen below...

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  1. This is pretty much one of the best posts ever.