Monday, December 21, 2009

painting, again

Its been a good while since I've taken the time to do some good 'ol fashioned art. Perhaps its the overflowing hordes of used canvas (aka paintings) stashed under my bed, or maybe its just the energy it takes to set up my painting "equipment", but ultimately, I have been severely lacking the motivation to do anything creative for the last few weeks. But, I sucked it up, and resolved on doing a smaller canvas painting (to the left) and kept it simple.

I find that lowering my standards is extremely helpful in getting me motivated. If you aim to high, then chances are you'll just say "aw, fuck it!" but if you aim it is easier to start an activity, and then gradually reset your standards to perfectionist levels.

Sure, I fucked up the lips and the eyes on that painting (left), but who really cares? Aim low, my friends and you will actually produce (and I don't mean babies or vegetables...unless thats what you want) instead of sitting on your ass watching Southpark, wishing you had an ounce of creativity or motivation in you at the moment. Get your ass off the couch! Make something! It doesn't have to be a work of amazing art. Hell, it could be a toilet paper monster for all I care, just make something!

On a side note, newspaper is always fun to work with, to weave hidden meanings into your painting (depending on what kind of news articles you cut out). Its like a sweet little secret between you and your painting...and perhaps between people who siddle up next to your painting with their nose 1 inch away from your canvas.

And that is my first post of this blog! Hurrah!

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog, and definitely in agreeance with your JUST DO IT! attitude on making art! I've been challenging myself this way often recently and it WORKS! :]